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the recovering part of recovery

eating disorders are big topics.

most of the time it makes people uncomfortable to talk about the mental part of the body.

we talk about cuts,

we talk about bruises,

we talk about broken bones,

but the world has a hard time talking about the root of many problems, the mental side of the body.

mental health.

The craziest thing about eating disorders is that we (doctors, parents, peers) often fix the visible problem, weight, height, bone mass, weight around the ribs, periods gained back, and blood tests. We talk about those things.

but we often try to fix the problem and not talk about mental recovery. the mental problems. the life-sustaining trauma.

so let's talk about it.

it's very real. I first need every reader to recognize how real mental health is and how it can affect the body.

eating disorders are the most deadly mental health disorder.

eating disorder patients are looking for control and rules—something to try to balance their life out with. Many people with EDs find themselves in the lowest spot when their life feels the most out of control.

this control can look like many different things

-food rules

-only eating at certain times every day

-constantly chewing gum to curve one's appetite

-large amounts of water to curve one's appetite

-taking smaller portions while others are around

-hiding food

-eating when others aren't around

this list could go on forever.

but the thing that is not talked about on this list is the thoughts that travel through one's head while struggling.

this is where eating disorder recovery really hits the pavement.

you can change every habit, change every meal, but talking through what's going on inside of your head is nearly impossible to express in words.

I remember once, crying in the kitchen because I knew what was right, my body knew what I needed to do to serve it better. But my brain wouldn't let me.

that's when Jesus kicks in.

you have to be CONNECTED to fight out the demons running around in your head.

eating disorders are an addiction. you are addicted to the control. you are addicted to attention. there is something that your mental health is craving.

so switch the mindset.

I deserve acceptance because I do.

i was listening to a podcast the other morning and the speaker said this sentence.

I was literally shocked.

I work so hard to have self-acceptance but I never realized that for a large portion of my life I was looking for worldly acceptance.

you don't need that.

you are amazing JUST. THE. WAY. YOU. ARE.

whoever is reading this. Whether you have struggled with an ED, you have struggled with body image, or if you are just trying to support a friend that has. This is what I have to say.

you are enough.

you do not. you do not need validation from anyone.


your body was built FOR A PURPOSE.

it will be a fight. every. single. day. of. your. life.

somedays will be easier than others.

some people will care more than others.

some foods might come easier than others.

but you deserve it.

you deserve love.

not because of anything you have done. but because of Jesus.

you deserve to live here on this earth.

to build his kingdom.

keep on fighting my love.

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