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dear runner,

you tied your shoes up.

you are a runner.

you walked out unto the path.

you are a runner.

you took a step of faith and

went out for a sport that you didn't even think you'd like.

you are a runner.

i need you to hear me when I say that you are a runner.

you need to stop listening to the voice in your head that says you are not good enough, that you don't measure up.

you need to understand when I tell you that you are good enough,

you might not be the fastest,

but your times don't define you.

you might not have the best time on the team,

but your teammate's time doesn't define you.

you might be the first one to come across the line.

the finish line doesn't define you.

your size doesn't define you.

your height doesn't define you.

but my love, you already did the hardest part.

putting your shoes on.


some days, you will be able to give it all.

other days, you might only be able to say, i'm here.

some days the breathing might feel like fire,

some days your legs will feel like bricks.

but you have to trust that process.

you have to believe in yourself.

you must continue to believe.

on this day,

this hour,

this moment,

your time is now.

because even on the hardest days, even on the days where you feel like every bone in your body is going to give out on you.

and you can learn all the techniques in the world, but if you don't believe in YOU,

you won't become anything.

because your biggest enemy is the voice in your head that says; you don't belong here.

that's your biggest problem.

I need you to hear me:

you are enough.

you are a runner.

-a tribute to the 2022 silverton girls XC team

and every runner out there that doesn't believe in themselves.

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