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this is for anyone









with scars

thinking they aren't enough

that has listened to the world for too long

this is for the girl that can barely look in the mirror.

this is for the girl that is spending her time wishing she was someone else.

this is for the girl that looks in the mirror and doesn't recognize her own face over the yelling in her head.

this is for the girl who is insecure about others looking at her.

she looks away.

she closes the drawer.

she covers the mirror.

s. t. o. p.


stop wishing you were someone else.

stop praying that your body will change.

stop overanalyzing how you look in the photo.

stop letting others get to you.

stop listening to the voices in your head.

Open the drawer back up.

Look in the mirror.

eat the food.

be ok with who you are.

you are here for a reason.

you are created for a reason.

you were placed at this moment for a reason.

God has a plan with your life, stop trying to change it.


JUST stop.

you are enough.

close your eyes. think of that little girl that is running around the yard in your childhood home. think about that little girl who is singing in the rain. that little girl.

that girl was once you.

she is somewhere inside of you crying,

crying because she was raised to treat others better than that.

so why is she treating herself that way?

because i love you.

let you love you.

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