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what's stopping you?

how often do you talk about Jesus?

how often do you check your phone?

when was the last time you sat down and wrote out what you where thankful for?

when was the last time you complained?

who is the last person you texted?

when was the last time you prayed?

how easy is it for you to bring up his name?

what's stopping you.

how long do you have to wait before you realized that they are a Christian?

did God call you to only talk about the comfortable things?

what is stopping you from brining up his name?

how can you make a change.


So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

-2 Colossians 2:6-7


for someone. who died and shed his blood. on the cross. so that I could live free.

for someone. who breathed living water into the earth.

for someone. who loved me at my very least. gave me hope and turned me back again.

for someone. who saw my mistakes as flowers. saw the roses through the torn.

and yet, we still can not openly praise his name.


he didn't come live a perfect life to take our sins, just so we could CONTINUE to live in sin,


when you die.

when the close to coffin door on you.

what are they gonna say about you?

are they going to talk about your high school stories?

are they going to remember you as the funny guy?

the smart girl?

that one win you had?

100 years later, your great grand children are visiting the grave yard your laid in.

will their parents talk about your faith?

they won't remember your funny stories about high school.

they won't remember if you got perfect grades,

or the one time you got the promotion,

or the fancy house,

or the car.

what will they remember?

will they say grandma was a prayer warrior.


grandpa he loved Jesus.

they lived like Jesus.


so my friend.

go tell that one person about Jesus.

or maybe its smaller than that,

compliment someone,

open the door,

say thank you.



it is the least we can do.

because if the cross couldn't stop our savior,

than his name shouldn't stop your conversations.


Grandma used to pray out loud By her bed every night To me, it sounded like mumbling Like she was out of her mind She said, "Boy, this kind of praying Is what saved my life You outta try it some time" And now I know she was right

She was talking to Jesus She was talking to Jesus She'd been talking to Jesus For all of her life

Mama used to drag me to church Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights Khaki pants and a polo shirt

Boy, I put up a fight She said, "Son, one day you'll thank me For having God in your life" And yeah I know she was right Yeah my mama was right

'Cause now I'm talking to Jesus She got me talking to Jesus She got me talking to Jesus Yeah my mama was right- Elevation Worship

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