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this is my story- jennifer dietrich

I was once a carefree little girl. At the end of 2020, everything changed. I had struggled with body image and comparing myself to other girls for years but had never acted on it. In 2020, when I was 14, my sister and I went on a diet. She soon gave up and went back to eating normally. Not me. I quickly developed unhealthy thought patterns about food. When my family noticed that I was restricted, they tried to help me. I started eating more but began feeling extremely guilty. In hopes of easing my guilt, I turned to exercise and laxatives. These things not only did not help but hurt me further. I was now in a vicious cycle that I didn’t know how to escape. It was now the summer of 2021. By this point, food and exercise had consumed my mind. I was mean, lifeless, and manipulative. My life seemed to have no meaning, and I was ready to give up. At this point, I finally decided to do what I needed to at the beginning. I cried for help. No, it wasn’t easy, but it was necessary. I was admitted to the hospital in September of 2021 after an overdose of laxatives. Being in such a vulnerable, helpless spot helped me realize just how serious of a problem I had. 10 long days passed until I was released to an inpatient facility. There I was taught how to cope with my eating disorder in healthy ways and eventually reach full recovery. 4 months later, I was healthy enough to return home. My journey didn’t stop there, though; it still continues today. Eating disorders don’t just heal overnight but through hard work and commitment to recovery. I thank God and the amazing people He has surrounded me with to help me come this far. Just remember, God can turn your ashes into beauty. -Jennifer Dietrich




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