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The Future of Agriculture

The FFA organization has always had a special spot in my heart.

Growing up in the fields, dancing in the rain, driving gravel roads, singing at the top of my lungs in an old chevy, all agriculture memories that have a soft spot in my heart.

But the FFA is a completely different side to my Agriculture heart.

If someone asked me why I am so involved in FFA I would tell them this,

"Somewhere there is a little girl, sitting on her grandfather's lap, behind the wheel. Somewhere far past my eye can see there's a tiny head with pigtails begging her mother to let her ride in the tractor for one more hour. Just 5 more minutes outside begging to be one with the blowing wind.

A little girl that didn't care about what others thought about her, she was just herself. She lived vibrantly for Jesus, agriculture, and for the sunshine.

And then one day she woke up and everything changed, because someone just one person told her that she wasn't enough.

So she believed it.

But then, 6 years later she woke up from a night of crying in bed and realized that she couldn't live her life this way.

She woke up with her eyes opened.

I was living life with my eyes closed."

So when you ask why I am in FFA, it's because I want every member and teenager to know that they are enough. They have a reason to be a part of an organization like this.

FFA gave has already given me thousands of memories, van rides, sweaty jackets, and long nights.

Teaching me and Sculpting me to be a better me.

More than Cows and Plows, Trucks and Tractors, Sunflowers and Sunshine.

Every teenager has a reason to live and advocate something.

Because we are growing the next generation of world changers.

We are growing the next generation of kindness spreaders.

I'm just here to advocate for the future of our society. The feeders of the world.

Xoxo, 2021-2022 Capital District Reporter

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