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Living a life for Jesus in a Confusing World

As the human brain matures over time we seem to see the world as a more sinful nature, we become more pessimistic and less optimistic. As we grow up we hear people around us saying that it is just a realist mindset. Have you ever told someone a dream and had it squashed within minutes because of their realist mindset? I am going to say something that might blow your mind so re-read it if you need to. If you are living your life to the full potential God has for you, this season of life probably won't make sense to the world. If you are living your life to the full potential God has for you, this season of life probably won't make sense to the world.

Ok, let's just pause and look deeply into what I am saying. Let's take Saul Converting to Paul, First, let's break down his biblical background. Paul was an apostle of the bible that spent the majority of his life preaching and spreading the gospel. Although he did AMAZING things for the church, he wasn’t always this way. He had a moment that changed his life all the way around. This didn't make sense to the world. And do you know what? People thought he was crazy. Nobody believed it. People judged him. JESUS CHANGES LIVES (Act 7, 9 & 11)

Ok if this example isn't clicking for you take the example of the mother of Jesus, from the outside, looking in her life would make no sense. A young teenage girl gets pregnant with the savior of the world. If one of your friends came up to you today and told you that they were pregnant with the savior of the world do you think you would believe them? To have faith like Mary. Or you can look at it from the perspective of Joseph, he has this woman that he is supposed to marry and she becomes pregnant and claims to be with the son of God. It would take me a lot of faith to believe that. I think we elevate bible characters to a point where we can't relate to them. Joseph and Mary were both REAL people, who had REAL emotions. This life of Joseph and Mary didn't make sense to anyone else. What do you think their parents thought? In the bible, it says in Matthew 1:18 Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet[e] did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly. Joseph felt that if Mary was exposed then she would be a PUBLIC DISGRACE. People were judged back then, and God's plan still prevailed.

I feel sometimes when we read the bible it's like "yep ok that's cool so there this dying person and Jesus performed a miracle, hallelujah let's keep going with our day." Wait, Wait, Wait, let's just pause and think. I feel that bible reading just goes from one step to another. Try to change your mindset from "this happened then this happened" to a more open perspective. Try putting your selves in the character's life. It's a life-changing perspective to think of yourself as a character. Pick your favorite bible story and break down the characters in it. List each character's good and bad traits, their motives, and what their everyday life looked like. I encourage you to do some reading in on this character, I would suggest going first foremost to the bible, but feel free to research beyond the bible. Look for websites or dictionaries that are backed by biblical references.

If you take anything away from this today I just want to leave you with a little piece of encouragement. You may feel like nothing in life make sense right now. You are praying for something and the life you are living isn't anything similar to what you prayed for. Your life isn't making sense to the outside world and isn't making sense to you. That's ok. God works in mysterious ways. If you are living your life to the full potential God has for you, this season probably won't make sense to the world. AND THAT'S OK. Your life is a relationship between you and God. Yes, you need family and friends around you to help you and guide you. But in the end, when it's just you and God and the world fades away. It will all make sense.

*I want to make it very clear that we need community and friends in our lives, but they may not understand our conversations with the Lord and/or maybe at a different spiritual walk with Jesus. We were called to be different and unique from each other all striving to be like the Lord.*

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Jenna this is so amazing and such a good reminder!! Love ya😘


claire kuenzi
claire kuenzi
Dec 29, 2021 are an inspiration! I love how you have it all broken down and easy to follow. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing!!!!

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