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Indianapolis 2021. National FFA Convention

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The little town of Silverton OR brought 3 representing teams to show America that we are worth of agriculture recognition.

50,000 students. 2 flights. 20 high schoolers. 2 white vans. girls. boys. friends, blue. yellow. Corduroy. We are the national FFA, that reaches from the state of Main to Hawaii. We might sound like every other chapter in America. But folks that's the farthest from the truth. We work hard everyday to help our chapter grow. This year at national convention we where pumped to learn more about agriculture, and how to advocate for those around us.

A convention like this may seem like a boring thing to sit through for an average teenager, But I claim myself as different. I have been watching retiring addresses, since I was old enough to figure out how to run YouTube. I have been praying for the day that I would be able to sit back and take it all in. I am the kind of teenager to get inspired by others. I want to catch the stars in the sky.

Indianapolis taught us all a little about ourselves. How we do with one another. Our experience there inspired our chapter to keep pushing and growing until we reach our goals. Agriculture is bigger then just tractors. It is a huge world of endless possibilities.

So I encourage you, if you have the opportunity to do something out of your comfort zone, go for it. Do it. Do that crazy thing. Go tell your story to someone. Because maybe, just maybe, you might inspire them to tell their story.

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