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every story

somewhere. far far away. maybe many years ago. maybe today. there’s a little girl that ran out in the front yard to wave at the tractor going by.

in the same small town. the same little girl. Grew up. And watched the tractors keep driving by.

That girl kept showing up. She kept showing up to the front yard. Hoping it would be her someday.

She didn’t let society tell her to settle. She didn’t let the standards of 20 years ago let her settle.

There’s boys and girls everywhere around the world in agriculture. The small percentage of the world, that produces enough food for the whole world to sustain.

Agriculture. Effects. Everyone.

Every farmer has a story. Every story has a farmer.

Every crop went through a storm.

Nothing in this life is going to be easy.

God didn’t place you in this dirt for there not to be any rain.

you’ve got to keep fighting. Because somewhere there’s someone that’s praying for what you have.

your not doing this for you. You are doing this for the generations to come.

the only person at the end of the day that has to believe in you, is you.

so i sit here, tears in my eyes begging you.

never give up on your dreams

hang in there.

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