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do you trust HIS plan?


How many people have a plan? I have plans, every day I have something I want to achieve, and then I have things I want to achieve in the long run. In 10 years I have plans. And the reality is, his plans are much greater than mine. Even when I feel like mine is better. But there are a few things wrong with our plans, they lead to voids, loneliness, and problems in our relationships throughout life.

Society feels like they should have a PERFECT life and then Jesus should come in right? Once this friendship works out, once this relationship goes through. But Jesus is knocking on the door of our hearts asking if today is the day he can come in. He wants us as we are RIGHT NOW.


Born into a world of sin. We have a lonely hole in our hearts. And we think that once we reach a certain part of our plan then our goal will be achieved and then Jesus can come in. But the things of this world were never meant to fill that void. it has always been Jesus.

Gods plan.

God never intended for us to think that we should have our whole life planned out because there are holes in that plan. There are voids we can't fill. With Jesus filling the voids and writing the plans and giving us the strength to live through it, our life is filled with so much more love, joy, patients, and kindness.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

1. GOD knows our plan. WE DONT. Declares the Lord, not declares Jenna Helen.

2. God has a future for us he has hope for us.

3. God isn't going to come barreling into our lives and be like "HEYYY you are really missing out right now, my plan is greater and I'm taking over." No Jesus is a gentleman, we have to let him in. He doesn't knock down our door.

4. All our heart. just read it again. ALL OUR HEARTS. In any relationship, you have whether your mother, father, or friend a half relationship is not a solid relationship. Nothing grows out of half-watered plants. So why do we only let God into half of our life?

God is looking down at us when we write these plans and he is LITERALLY laughing. Because the things in life that we want are half as good as what God has for us. Sometimes we could be praying for something and it takes 10 years for it to come to us because Jesus had to mature us. He had to get us to a point where we could be ready to handle that prayer request. It's in his plan.


Lately, I have had the thought of Loneliness. Loneliness is a feeling that often comes as a result of our own plan. But oftentimes Jesus needs us to feel that lonely so we can recognize his plan is better. The definition of lonely is being apart from or isolated from something or someone. It's a feeling that plays along with void.


"That’s why it’s important to wait for the one that God has chosen, and the reason that it takes so long is that we aren’t ready yet. So we get frustrated with God wondering where our person is, yet it’s us. that is the reason we don’t have them yet"- GJ

and friendships.

Friendships in the world are a lot to handle, we often look to people to fill the void that we were born with. Hoping that a friend can keep our mind distracted. But when we are looking to fill that emptiness with the sin of the world, we are just giving ourselves more grief. We’re always looking for a safe place to land, so when we see the “almost good” in people we just go for it because we want someone to fill the loneliness, but it ends up hurting us and leaving us even more lonely than before. We become more lonely, more confused. more frustrated.


And then you meet Jesus, and you start to see it all through a different lens. Because the people you thought were gonna fix your hurt, are hurting themselves. You realize that his plan is the important thing after all. That is is not our place to try to fill that void with something or someone of the world.

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