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A guide to Catching the Sunshine- Maui Hawaii 2020

Updated: Dec 26, 2021


Just consider this your travel day, don’t try to push anything too exotic this day.


Ok this is a must-do! When staying and flying in Hawaii you're going to want to stay for some days and eat in the condo. Don’t let all the amazing food in Hawaii overwhelm you.

  • Fresh fruit- Grab some bulk fruit here, but remember the experience of a locally owned fruit stand is pretty amazing

  • Sunscreen- You need to have sunscreen in Hawaii, or you will burn and be annoyed the whole trip

  • Check out the clothes section, they have some pretty neat Hawaiian-style clothes that are really cute.

  • Meal plan- Think about breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Grab some eggs, breakfast meat, bread Anything you think you might eat is important!

  • Pina Colada mix- Ok so I am a firm believer in any fruity drink, buy Costco’s Pina colada drink mix and make kid-friendly versions to sip on on the hot days.

  • If you want to hang around the airport my number one favorite thing we did in Maui is an 8-minute drive from the airport.

    • SWAP MEETS! Ok, these are the most amazing things. They are open on certain days, I’m pretty sure the weekends. Google it before you drive! They have every single souvenir you will want to bring home for a dollar each. Hawaii can get spendy, and this is the perfect way to cut down on cost. A swap meet is like a Hawaii-style farmers market. This is what you have to do while there.

      • ACUAi BOWLS- these are fruit bowls, with amazing sorbet and fresh fruit on the top, it's almost like a parfait but with ice cream, hands down my favorite food.

      • SOUVENIRS- watch out for the sneaky expensive items, look for a table with you lots of bins of toys, the people running the booth will be yelling 10 for $1 or 10 for $10. (I can’t remember the price, but it is so much cheaper than ANYWHERE else on the island, everywhere else will be selling the exact same things trust me)

      • FOOD- Besides the ACAI bowls, there is lots of traditional hawaiian food that you can buy at swap meets. Try new things, it's the perfect experience!

      • FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES- Grab fresh fruit to snack on, there are tons of fruit stands anywhere in Maui.

  • While driving, keep your eyes open for fruit stands, and locally-owned coffee shops. Support the locals, go outside of your comfort zone and try some new food items.


You're all refreshed and ready for a new day! There are many awesome things that you can pay to do on the island.

  • Snorkeling- The snorkeling experience we had was pretty good, but here is something to keep in mind. The coral reefs don’t look anything like the pictures, they are faded. The animals are scared of people.

  • Kip lining- so this was something that I didn’t expect I would like that much. I am terrified of heights but this was something really cool to do if you have a down day

    • NorthShore ziplining - although there are many other really cool ones

  • The boardwalk- this is perfect for a lazy evening when you want to go shopping, grab a quick bite to eat, get some ice cream, try on some cute Hawaiian clothes, walk through an art gallery and watch the sunset all in walking distance in downtown Lahaina on Front ST

  • Luau- this was something that I wasn’t expecting, the experience is pretty cool, you get to wear a pretty lei and eat interesting real Hawaiian food!

    • They are all pretty much the same, any luau is a cool experience


  • Tooheys butcher shop- this is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Haiku, Hawaii has some of the most diverse agriculture in the US. Surprising right! All of the food from Tooheys is local.

    • My suggestion with this place is to get a few small things, the price is kinda spendy so just sample some things and share!

    • Near zip line and road to the sun

  • Any fruit market- go and buy some authentic Hawaiian food! You will love the pineapple and mangoes, it tastes nothing as you’ve had before!

  • Coffee- Hawaii has some of the most unique coffee in the world, keep your eye out for some delicious drink stands

  • FOOD TRUCKS- if y’all are anything like my family, no one can agree on what we are eating. The food carts are the best because you can share and enjoy!

    • Honoapiilani Food Truck Park- walking distance from the hotel

  • Banana bread- This was my all-time favorite thing we ate the whole time, I am in love with the macadamia nut chocolate banana bread- and I don’t even like chocolate!

  • Mango slices- dried mangos YUMMMM

    • Cafe banana bread (banana bread and mangos)

    • Road to Hana

  • Macadamia nuts- the chocolate-covered macadamia nuts can be bought in large boxes at Costco, this is what we brought back home for people! A great little taste of Hawaii

  • Pizza- Lahaina Pizza co

  • ACAI- amazing fruit bowls right inside the hotel! A definite must-try!

  • DUKE’s beach house- this place in my opinion was the best, I love healthy food, dukes served this amazing squash bowl with other vegetables and I was in love! But dukes are awesome because they have tons of options, it's right on the water and it's at your hotel!


  • Napili bay- this is my favorite beach. It is not busy, and It is the easiest to swim in. The beach nearest the hotel is nice but it has TERRIBLY sharp rocks, I had a number of times with blood gushing everywhere. Napale bay is nice because there are very few rocks.


If there is anything I suggest you guys do, it is the road to Hanna, this was my hands-down favorite thing to do. You can not go wrong with this option.

Things to know…

The road is 64.4 miles long

  • Hairpin turns the whole way there


    • I can not stress this enough, you will not enjoy your experience if you don't arrive early

  • You can make it a day trip or a couple of days

    • You can stay the night in Hana, but with kids I suggest just making it an all day trip

  • No service

    • Get ready to pull out the good old paper map!

    • How to navigate the road!

  • One way in! One way out!

    • Y'all this is a way one kinda experience!

Ok so the first thing is!

GET UP EARLY!! And I mean EARLY!! Most tourists are going to be up and at em by 8 or 9. And you DO NOT want to get stuck in traffic on the road.

Second! Start backward. Here's my pro tip- Drive all the 64 miles in, and then do all of the stops on the way home. You will miss the crowds if you do it this way.

Third! Everyone says stop when you get to Hana! NOOOOO!!! Do not stop!! Keep going!! We found a hidden gem! If you continue all the way to Pipiwai falls, we were able to experience the best things here! A bamboo forest, beautiful waterfalls, it is quite a hike but totally worth it!

Four! Black sand beaches, keep your eye open for the beautiful black sand beaches!

Five, rainbow trees. Beautiful trees with natural multi-color bark!


This is one of the world's highest peaks. My suggestion is to drive up early and watch the sunset and the stars, it is absolutely beautiful! No doubt about it!

Have Fun! Enjoy yourselves! This is a once if forever trip! Make a blast out of it! Enjoy Gods creation- the beaches and the salty breeze. And remember this is all God's beautiful hand drawing out the oceans and the mountains.

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