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I always imagine this image of Jesus far off in the distance and then walking to a house lifting up his hand and knocking on the door. Immediately someone comes to the door and calls him by name, he asks if he can come in and the other person tells him not yet Jesus.

This scenario is how many many people are living their lives with Jesus. Some great Christians have a relationship with Jesus but don't want to give him full power to take over and work in their lives.

And I'm not going to lie, this was me for the longest time. It took me years to learn that his plan is so much better than mine.

Growing up as a kid I always got made fun of, particularly my father. I would always get picked on because I had a schedule. Everything in my life was perfectly laid out, from the minute I woke up to the minute I laid down. Dad would always go, oh my word Jenna you are so type A.

One of my bigger struggles is just letting Jesus have control of my life. Giving him everything and anything.

Imagine your getting ready for school and you have this backpack with all your supplies in it. But instead of taking your whole backpack to school you only take your lunch box. You get to school and you realize that you forgot to bring everything else in your backpack.

This is how I view the past part of my life. I would tell Jesus where and where not he could work in my life. (Even though I had zero control over it) My thoughts would often be, ok you can work right here and help me with my friends, but I have my eating disorder under control.

I just always wanted control in my life.

But Jesus wants us to do the opposite, he wants us to give control to him.

The day I decided that Jesus need to take all control, I was at an all-time mental low. But everything in my life seemed to be going perfectly fine.

Several weeks before I gave up control I had a mental breakdown, standing in the kitchen and satan was attacking my head. I had physically given up. I was listening to the lies that were In my head. I believed what he was telling me. I have never felt so ashamed after repeating the lies out loud.

Satan went crying off 2 weeks later when I proclaimed Jesus.

Jesus is at your door.

Let him in.

There is nothing. Nothing. In this world that is greater than the love of Jesus.

There is no person.

Jesus is Knocking.

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