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Blue & Yellow

Mic check. Roll call. Keep the words right keep the words right.

I looked out unto a crowd. A girl that had once just spoken to her two advisors had somehow managed to turn into 2,000 FFA members and guests. Something about standing in front of people telling my story made me so happy.

The words that I had been practicing for weeks truly came alive.

We, as women, are growing farmers. One child at a time. One crop at a time. One harvest at a time. I thank you to the women who live their stories and the women who share their stories. You are raising the next generation of farmers. Today in the agriculture world, you will hear about land management, water shortage, production to population rates. All of those things are very important, but the people behind them are more important than all of those issues. These are the people doing the work. Be a listener of their stories. Even be the storyteller yourself. We all have a story to tell, whether we whisper or yell.


The 2022 Oregon FFA conference taught me so much. Amazing things that I can't even begin to explain their impact.

bel: Thank you for seeking me out, asking me about my faith, pushing me closer to Jesus

Katie & Jonwyn: Thank you for coming out to our school and showing the restless teenagers in our community that they too can make a difference.

Kylie: Wow. Words can not describe the love and kindness you showed me.

The amazing thing about these people is the love that they show for everyone. It amazes me. It gives me hope for the future to come, and the ones that have come.

Too many people, FFA just seems like a club, a group, or a fun thing to do if you are bored. But for the FFA members in my life. It is a blessing, a gift, and truly an experience from God.

What people don't see.

The hours we put in.

The tears we cried.

The sleepless nights

The happy dances.

The bus rides.

The ripped nylons.

The stained white shirts.

What people do see.

Our smiling faces and blue Jackets making a difference in the agriculture world.

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